03 Nov Vision/Disciple Making

In the book Church Planting Movements, David Garrison states that there is always a price to pay to become a Christian. Pray that the people of Nigerien would recognize that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price in order to save them. Pray that any difficulty they endure would pale in comparison to the beautiful gift of knowing Christ Jesus and accepting His grace.

Dans son livre Church Planting Movements, David Garrison déclare qu’il y a toujours un prix à payer pour devenir chrétien. Priez pour que le peuple nigérien reconnaisse que Jésus-Christ a payé le prix ultime pour les sauver. Priez pour que toute difficulté qu’ils endureraient ne soit en rien comparable au beau privilège de connaître Jésus-Christ et d’accepter sa grâce.

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