28 Mar 10% child mortality rate

According to the United Nations’ 2018 Human Development Report, the malnutrition rate for children under 5 is 42.2% in Niger.  The child mortality rate for children under-five is almost 10% of live births.  The health care systems in Niger are extremely poor and most Nigeriens do not have access to them or the means to pay for appropriate healthcare. 

    • Pray that the people of Niger would come into relationship with the Great Healer.
    • Pray that lives would be valued in Niger and that this country would be transformed into a country that works to preserve the lives of their little ones and makes sacrifices on their behalf.


According to the United Nations’ 2018 Human Development Report,  the percentage of school-aged children enrolled in primary school is 74%, secondary school is 24% and tertiary school is 2%.  Only 8% of males have participated in some sort of secondary education whereas only 4% of females have some secondary education.  The mean years of schooling are 2 years.  Much of the country is illiterate and a majority of the teachers in Niger are not even trained as teachers.  Pray for the children of Niger and the Nigerien schools.

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